Welcome !





Hello from France to all the bald headed men (and their admirers) around the world.

Our Society is open to all who have lost, or who are loosing, or who will loose their hair.

For us "Bald is beautiful" and we enjoy to be bald.

Our association is open to the three classes of bald headed men, but also to women.

For men with male pattern baldness, MPB:

First class: the "recent" bald headed .
He just  lost his hair on top of the head, just a little spot of head is bald. 

Second class: the "crowned" bald headed, ie the MPB man.
He  lost his hair on all the superior part of the head, and just keeps a fringe all around his smooth and shiny bald head top.

Third class: the "totally" bald headed.
Any hair is growing on the head of such bald headed. Any any any...

When one is interested in joining our beautiful and noble Society, he must promise than never he will apply any lotion against hair loss, or any clinical treatment of baldness.

For us, male pattern baldness baldness is not an illness, just a gift from the Creation.

Our Society has good influence on young people who are loosing their hair. Don' t be sad because of your baldness, be happy!

Write us, join us, or join an association like ours in your own country.